Warming by the fire

Published 9 June 2013

Two dogs sit by the fire in the Golden Rule, Ambleside

I’ve probably written far too much about pubs on this website, but I love visiting them. After a hard day of walking, it’s lovely to sit down on a bar stool and sup a pint of the landlord’s finest.

On this visit, it was the Golden Rule in Ambleside that we found ourselves in, complete the with happy sight of two dogs curled up in front of the fire.

I’d like to say we visited after a hard slog on the hills, but actually on that day the weather was especially terrible. Our plan of doing four Wainwrights – Low Pike, High Pike, Dove Crag and Little Hart Crag was thwarted by the weather. Only Low Pike went claimed that day.

And whilst the Golden Rule is on the way back from Low Pike, we didn’t even arrive there straight from the walk. Wet and soggy, we’d headed back to our digs to get changed first!

Still, the dogs didn’t know that and I won’t tell them if you won’t…

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