Consulting the Map

Published 21 August 2011

Walkers consult a map near Edale

As you might have gathered, I like walking. But I also like photography which is quite handy as the two go together quite well.

Over the years I’ve taken a seriously large amount of photographs and I thought I’d start sharing some of my favourites on this blog on a weekly basis. Welcome to A Sunday Picture.

And this the first. It’s a photograph I absolutely love to bits and the title “Consulting the Map” explains a lot. Back in 2006 Catherine, myself and a friend of ours, Jacko, headed north to attend the Whit Friday Brass Band Contests in Saddleworth and the next day the three of us headed out to do the Edale Skyline walk.

We were joined by two other friends, Stu and Beth, and Catherine’s parents who joined us on the walk in shifts due to their elderly dog who loved walks but was beginning to struggle with hills.

It was one a very memorable day, made all the more memorable by having lunch at the cafe at Edale Station as the owner spent a lot of time complaining about how everyone wanted chips. The fact that everything on her extensive menu came with chips in the first place, didn’t seem to occur to her.

You can view all my photographs from the Edale Skyline Walk in my flickr set. There’s only 103 of them. I perhaps wasn’t as good at editing them down as I am now!

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