Covered in ice

Published 18 January 2015

Plants covered in ice

Winter is traditionally a time when there’s snow and ice.

I always feel a bit funny saying that, as there rarely seems to ever be much of the stuff where I live. I’ve lived in London over fifteen years now, and can safely say that it’s pretty rare to see the place covered in snow and full of ice.

It’s easy to forget that not everywhere is like that. Hey, I was once snowed in in Northumberland one year. The date? 31 March.

So I have to remind myself that whilst I’m basking round the capital in shorts and t-shirt, other parts of the UK are perhaps a tad colder. To do so, I look at photographs like this: an ice covered plant somewhere on the Limestone Way.

Brr, I feel cold now. Better get those thermals on…

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