True winter walking. In the South East, anyway.

Published 25 January 2015

Last week I had to remind myself that some parts of the UK will currently have snow and ice on them. For there isn’t that much in the south of England most years. Too tropical or something.

Okay, okay, it’s not all bright sunshine, suntan lotion and pairs of shorts. This photograph sums up, perhaps, what is the quitinisential winter walking experience in the South East. Bit damp and a bit gloomy. The gaily painted beach huts on Seaford beach do their best to cheer everything up, but get away from them and everything is a bit less cheery.

Why go to Seaford beach? Well, it’s the start of one of what I consider to be the finest day walk in the whole of the South of England. The utterly fantastic Seaford to Eastbourne; a mighty walk no matter the weather. And I say that having walked it one year when much of it was covered in fog.

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