Greg’s Hut

Published 23 March 2014

Greg's Hut

This time four years ago, you would have found me up on the Pennine Way. The trip would see us finally reach the end at Kirk Yetholm. Well, that was the plan.

Setting off from Dufton, the weather was frequently worse than we’d anticipated. Wet, muddy and lots of slow. It was all still do-able. Well until we got close to the end when the skies opened and we were snowed in.

But that was all still to come. This photo is of Greg’s Hut, the highest bothy in England and located near Cross Fell. The name comes from John Gregory who died in 1968 in a climbing accident in the Alps. In this memory, a group of friends adopted the hut and renovated it for use for all. By all accounts, most of them lived in the West Midlands, making their devotion to the cause even more impressive.

Around 600 visitors are recorded in the hut’s visitor book every year. Some stay the night, others just pop in – like we did – to escape the cold for a short while. It’s maintained to this day by the Greg’s Hut Association, in conjunction with the Mountain Bothies Association. And you can find out more about them by visiting the Greg’s Hut Association page on the Parish of Culgaith website.

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