Sycamore Gap

Published 30 March 2014

Sycamore Gap

Speaking of the Pennine Way, as I did a whole week ago, it’s time to have what is perhaps one of the most photographed trees in the whole of Britain.

Well, in the North of England anyway.

Hmm. Maybe just on Hadrian’s Wall then.

This is Sycamore Gap, a famous location on Hadrian’s Wall where, for whatever reason, there is now a sycamore tree growing in a gap in the wall. Someone thought about that name, didn’t they?

Anyway, this is a well photographed tree. So well photographed that it has its own Flickr group, and is listed as an attraction on Tripadvisor.

All this for a tree.

Incidentally, most of the pictures typically look like this one below. Feel free to decide which you prefer.

Sycamore Gap

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