Haunted Forest, this way

Published 26 October 2014

Sign saying "Haunted Forest, Witches Castle 1 mile"

It’s Halloween soon. That time of the year when I close all the curtains tightly and pretend I’m not at home.

I don’t really understand halloween. We send children off to ask strangers for sweets whilst wearing daft costumes. Nope, give me the far superior Bonfire Night anyday. Loud, exploding fireworks in the sky and copious amounts of Parkin? Oh yes.

However I don’t have any relavant pictures I could put here for Bonfire Night. However I do have one for Halloween, so we must make do and mend.

What’s that? What’s the link with walking, you ask? Well, that’s a fair question. And the answer is that I saw the sign in the village of Hastoe which is on the Ridgeway. And I had my hiking boots on at the time.

Although it was in March. Not at Halloween.

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