The autumn sun behind a Dufton tree

Published 2 November 2014

Autumn sun behind a Dufton tree

It’s that time of year again when the sunsets just seem to get so much better. Obviously we can have great sunsets any time of the year, but there’s something about autumn (and, if we’re honest, spring as well) that just seems to make them absolutely supurb.

I walked a good chunk of the Pennine Way in autumn, most notably in the autumn of 2007 when there was some lovely weather. And lovely weather at the end of the day, often leads to lovely sunsets.

This particular photograph – taken just over seven years ago – came from that trip, near Dufton. It had been a long days walk; 19 miles from Middleton in Teesdale. We’d started the day early, but it had been a challenging day and we barely made it to Dufton as the sun began to set. It was a race against time to get to the village before the light went completely.

But as we came down, we kept having to stop and admire the view. The sky was golden; the light superb as it glowed behind the trees.

Had it been dull and dreary, we probably would have made it to our accommodation a good half hour earlier; ready to rest our weary legs much sooner. However a little leg ache and a later arrival in the village pub was something I happily accepted in return for the many wonderful views we got that evening.

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