Heading over the hill

Published 4 March 2012

Another Walker

When I was walking the Southern Upland Way (what do you mean you didn’t know I had?) I didn’t pass many people at all, and those that I did were mainly doing day walks.

In fact I can remember exactly how many walkers I passed. There were three woman who were doing the route in sections over multiple weekends. There was Mike Brockhurst. And there was this guy.

He came out of nowhere like a mirage on the long, straight road out of Melrose and actually was a day hiker, but he was a day hiker with a difference. The difference being that he led guided walks over various parts of the Southern Upland Way.

Over the years he’d done all the trail. Almost. For he’d never actually walked between Lauder and Melrose. Well until this day in June. He’d seen the good weather, said “why not” and set off.

I hope he enjoyed it.

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