Loch, loch, glorious loch

Published 26 February 2012

Things by the side of St Mary's Loch

No, my series on the Southern Upland Way hasn’t finished yet. Sorry. Getting close, but you’ll just have to wait a few more weeks until I stop going SUW crazy.

Still hopefully the picture above makes up for it.

As a walker I rather dislike mist and fog for it makes gloomy walking. But as an amateur photographer I love it to bits as you can take moody, atmospheric photographs like this one.

It’s on the edge of St Mary’s Loch in the Scottish Borders. I have, I’m afraid, no idea what those wheeled wooden things are for (or indeed if they even have a purpose) but they give a nice foreground interest to the gloomy backdrop of the partially hidden hills in the background. And then there’s water too. Water does add a little something to a composition like this.

I love the colours on this photograph too. The greys and greens contrast subtly and there’s that hint of purple to enjoy too. Lovely.

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