The best view of Glen Nevis you’ll ever see

Published 6 October 2013

Looking from the side of Ben Nevis into cloud

It’s October! It’s Autumn! Wahoo! So to celebrate the, err… hmm… yes…. Anyway! Celebrate! Let’s do just that by delving in to the photo archives and find a batch of photos that show off the best of Britain’s weather! Yes, it’s time to present some more “Great Views We Have Seen!”

We’ve all been there. We head up to an amazing viewpoint, some massive summit, slog our way to the top only to find… woa! Fog! Cloud! Mist! Well don’t despair of such things! Celebrate instead!

So let’s kick it all off with this fantastic view from the sides of Ben Nevis, looking down at Glen Nevis. As you can tell, climbing Britain’s highest mountain really was made all the more worthwhile by the view that Ben gave us. And we weren’t even at the top yet!

Still, at least when we made it to the top, the view we got made it all worthwhile…

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