In the rain on Esk Pike

Published 9 February 2014

Esk Pike

Almost inevitably, A Sunday Picture focuses on lovely views. Stunning scenery, mighty landscapes, beautiful skies. Or at least the best approximation I can get to using my somewhat limited photographic skills.

Of course, you don’t always get beautiful views on a walk. Sometimes the weather conspires against you. Not that you’d guess it from A Sunday Picture because, like most sane people, as soon as the rain comes out, the camera goes away.

Indeed my camera doesn’t handle the rain at all well. The lens begins to fog up and the shutter begins to stick partially open.

Still, every now and then I brave the bad weather and subject the camera to potential abuse because otherwise my photographs of a walk wouldn’t reflect the walk I actually did. And besides, it can sometimes make for a fantastic photograph.

Well, perhaps not “fantastic” by the standard definition, however this photograph of Esk Pike, taken on a particularly wet afternoon in September 2011 has a certain brilliance as far as I’m concerned. And it fantastically sums up a huge part of that day’s walk. Soaked.

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