On the way to West Kip

Published 20 November 2011

Two people stood next to a signpost, in the cloud

Near Edinburgh, The Pentlands are an amazing set of hills that offer stunning scenery and fantastic views. Well some of the time anyway.

All November, A Sunday Picture is celebrating those views that you look at, and just go wow… err… yes…

The year was 2005 and we were visiting Catherine’s brother, David, who lives in Edinburgh and who stars in this photo together with a hat he’d bought the day before.

When it came to views the whole walk – which we’d got from a copy of Trail magazine – was an unmitigated disaster and trip was even better when we got to the bus stop at the end to discover we’d missed it and the next one would be in three hours time. Thank goodness there was a pub…

Still, without photos like this I’d never have been able to create the ultimate walking coffee table book. Great Views We Have Seen, the original celebration of classic scenery from Britain’s hills is available now for just £18.99. Why not give someone a copy for Christmas? Just not me. Because I’ve got one already thanks.

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