Wooden Cross at Souliers

Published 11 December 2011

A wooden cross on the hillside at Souliers, France
A wooden cross on the hillside at Souliers, France

As it’s December and the weather is not what it was, I thought some blue skies would be nice.

Back in 2007 Catherine and myself went on a walking holiday in the Queyras Alps in France. It was booked through a tour company called Inntravel and saw us walk between various villages in the area following a variety of walking routes in the area.

It was a very memorable trip, partly for the views and partly because we stayed in some lovely hotels with fantastic food. And also because I did my knee in.

Several days would see us pass shrines and other religious sites, one of which was this cross sited high on a hilltop near Souliers on the GR58 walking route.

This is not the best photograph in the world. Barrel distortion means the cross is at a slight angle, and the lighting could be better. But I don’t care because it just puts me straight back to that holiday. To standing on high mountains being overwhelmed with the view; to eating packed lunches that included half a baguette, a big lump of cheese and a nice salad; to hobbling down that hill in agonising pain because of my knee; and of learning of the many benefits of walking poles.

What a trip. What a trip indeed.

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