Shadow pointing

Published 22 February 2015

Shadows of someone pointing at someone else.

Some years ago, back when Flickr was new and exciting, and people actually used it instead of shoving all their photos in the horribleness that is Facebook’s photo experience, I created a flickr group for photographs of people pointing.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, for reasons lost on me know. But it was born out of the fact that I always seemed to end up with lots of photographs of people pointing at things. Such as this one, which combines photographs with another obsession of mine: shadows.

Eight years after the photograph was taken, on Rackham Hill on the South Downs Way apparently, I’ve no real idea how or why we bothered, nor what we were pointing at. Nor who is pointing at who, although it’s probably Catherine pointing at me. But why? Who knows.

It’s all a mystery. Just like, why on earth I created that pointing group as well.

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