Surprising things you see on a walk #1: a rocket

Published 1 March 2015

Ashcombe Windmill (under construction)

I have decided to make March “Surprising things you see on a walk” month, for no real reason other than I came up with the idea at 8am one morning and it seemed like a good one. Just like all ideas do at 8am.

And we kick off with this surprise. For when out walking to Lewes in Sussex after a long day on the South Downs Way, you don’t really expect to come across a rocket on a hill top, do you?

Oh, okay, of course it’s not a rocket. It’s actually Ashcombe Windmill which was under construction when I went past in the spring of 2010, and so had no sails. The original windmill here was destroyed by strong winds back in 1916, and someone decided that it needed to be replaced almost a century on. By all accounts construction was completed the following year so you won’t get a view like this again. But perhaps you’ll get a better one.

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