The autumnal colours of Borrowdale

Published 2 August 2020

Borrowdale seen from Eagle Crag.

I love autumn. Which is perhaps a funny thing to write when it’s August. I mean summer is pretty good as well. All those bright blue skies and things. But in autumn everything goes gold, rusty and brown. And if you pick the right place, all those colours look amazing.

This photograph shows why I love it so much. It’s a photograph from a place that demonstrates my love for it all so well.

It was taken from the side of Eagle Crag in Borrowdale. I took it last year. For the last couple of years we’ve headed to the Lake District during the October half term. And it’s a time when everything looks amazing. All though browning ferns, trees devoid of leaves, all mixed up with the greens of the fields.

Yes, I like autumn all right.

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