The Michelin Guide Was Here

Published 6 April 2014

The Michelin Guide visited Skiddaw House

High up above Keswick, on a wild and windswept bit of moorland is a youth hostel. It has no road access, and only limited facilities.

It is Skiddaw House. And tucked away round the side of it are facilities even more basic. Open a small door and you’ll find the emergency shelter.

It’s not much. Just a room with a bench or two. But in bad weather it can be a welcome place to visit. Not least as you can eat your lunch without getting wet.

And where walkers huddle together closely for warmth, can be found their views on things. Be it in a log book, or, as here, just scrawled on a wall, someone will be sure to have their say.

“The Michelin Guide was here. He will not be hurrying back.”

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