The Sognefjord in Norway

Published 6 July 2014


Eight years ago I went on holiday to Norway. It’s an amazing place. You should go.

The holiday was based in two different fjords and was public transport based. The year before we’d done Iceland in a car, but as Catherine doesn’t have a driving license I had found two weeks of driving a bit much. Especially as I hadn’t driven for a couple of years. So doing a holiday by bus, ferry and train seemed like a good idea.

The first fjord we visited was the Sognefjord, a stunningly beautiful area. We arrived in the town of Balestrand early afternoon and wandered around the place looking for something to do, before spotting the “Balestrand Nature Walk”.

It spent much of its time in the trees, but every now and then would pop out and provide you with a mighty view. A view like this one.

Balestrand and the Sognefjord had some of the finest scenery I have ever seen. It’s an amazing place to see and walk. You should go. Really.

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