A bench with a view

Published 13 July 2014

Bench at the side of St Mary's Loch

Last week was a photo of a fjord in Norway, and keeping with the watery theme, this week our photo is of a loch in Scotland.

When I first contemplated doing the Southern Upland Way, I had this image that there would be lots of lochs on the route, and that maybe I’d even dive in one for a swim. As it was, there wasn’t that many, and nor did I do the other thing either.

The lochs I did pass however, were certainly lovely and St Mary’s really was a fine view. I even had the pleasure of camping on its shore, thanks to the campsite in the garden of the Tibbie Shiels Inn.

The previous day had been fantastic, however the following morning the cloud had descended, giving the loch a wonderfully atmospheric feel. As a followed the trail along the shore, I couldn’t help but stop regularly to stare and take it all in. I don’t think I stopped on this bench though. For if I had, I may have been there a while…

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