The Amazing Brown and Incomprehensible Sign

Published 23 September 2012. Last updated 9 January 2015

Amazingly brown and incomprehensible sign

So in the summer of 2011 I spent two weeks in Canada, including some time in the Rockies. What a place that was. Truly amazing scenery that just makes you want to drive your car to the nearest mountain, throw a rucksack on your back and head out on the trails. Then you rush back because you forgot your bear bells.

Anyway, one day we did just that as we headed to Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise in the Banff National Park. We picked a trail from the car park and headed up hill.

The early part of the path was quite zig-zaggy and the park authorities had clearly noticed that when some people think they can take a shortcut, the do, and it was damaging the flora and fauna.

So they put up a sign.

Thankfully the text explanation is quite clear as the sign itself isn’t…

See, all the national park signs are done in this strange colour scheme. And generally as the pictures on the signs are quite simple, they work well. But the corporate branding didn’t quite work on this one.

Thankfully the version of the sign we saw the next day was just a bit clearer.

No trampling on the flowers!



23 September 2012 at 5:22 pm

This one made me giggle, it’s something the Michigan State Parks would do. ;)

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