Toads on the Road

Published 16 September 2012. Last updated 9 January 2015

Toads on the Road

Normally when I’m out walking, the most exciting animals I see are cows and sheep. True, every now and then I’ve seen peacocks, turkeys, chickens, grouse, pheasants, the odd pig and even once, two fighting marmots. But most of the times it turns out to be sheep and cows. There’s nothing wrong with sheep and cows but you see them everywhere.

And then one day you see a sign that suggests you may well see something different! As in this sign spotted in the village of Litlington on the South Downs Way. Toads on the road! Wow, I thought! We’ll see something interesting here!

Did we see any toads, either in the road or otherwise? Of course we didn’t. But there was a sheep in a field further down the road. So that was something.

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