There’s no style for this stile

Published 16 June 2013

A stile on the Pennine Way surrounded by puddles and mud

You know how it is. You get to the edge of a field and see the stile or gate stood tantalisingly nearby. It’s all green grass and roses on the other side.

But on the side you’re on, things are different. Oh yes. For to get to the stile you must somehow navigate the ten foot deep puddle that’s sat in the way.

If you’re really lucky, there will be a narrow plank over the veritable lake. You’ll tentatively put your foot on it and watch in despair as it tips up and sinks into the water.

There may not be a narrow plank there, but the result will be pretty much the same. It will involve you scrabbling over a barbed wire fence with a heavy rucksack, trying desperately not to rip your waterproof jacket. But you’ll make it, and you’ll sigh a hugh sigh of relief.

Until you come to the next one anyway.

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