Tower Bridge at Night

Published 24 November 2013

An illuminated Tower Bridge in London, seen at night
Viewed from the middle of the Thames (from the safety of a boat), it’s the mighty Tower Bridge

Ever since this website began, it’s focused on country walking. Towns were simply places walks began or ended at; where trains went to whisk me back home. Such towns that were walked through tended to be of the small kind, or barely brushed by the path.

As such, A Sunday Picture spent most of its time showing nice countryside based scenes. Lovely stuff.

But then along came the Thames Path and everything changed. All of a sudden there was an excuse to present [gasp] urban photography…

Now before you run off in panic, don’t worry. This website isn’t going to suddenly be rebranded “London Man”. This little focus on urban photography is, in the grand scheme of things, a bit of a blip. However the fact is that a chunk of the Thames Path does go through the largest urban area in the country.

This also means that some sections of the Thames Path can be waked at night – well after the sun has set anyway. Street lights will illuminate your walk like no other. And if you do ever fancy trying an evening stroll on the Thames, make sure you see the subject of this week’s Sunday Picture.

Even during the day, Tower Bridge is perhaps one of the finest things you can ever see on a walk in Britain. It’s simply an outstanding structure. But to see it at night, lit up by floodlights, it’s absolutely beyond comparison. Unless the bridge is lifting that is. Oh. My.

To be honest, this photo – sadly taken on my phone due to a lack of camera – is a bit of a cheat as it wasn’t taken during a walk, but from a boat in the middle of the Thames. Funnily enough, the boat I was on was the reason why the bridge was rising because it was too big to get under the bridge.

But whilst the photo might not be a cheat, nothing can stop my love of the South Bank at night, all brightly lit against the dark backdrop in the sky. Just walking any of the section between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge will be a feast for the eyes and no mistake.

Normal service will be resumed soon. Promise.

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