Sun setting over the Thames

Published 17 November 2013

Setting sun over the River Thames in Greenwich

One of the worst things about this time of year is that the sun sets early. This is rather depressing, and can often make you feel sad because everything goes dark. It also makes it harder to do any walking as you need to be finished well in time before all the light goes.

One of the best things about walking at this time of year is that the sun sets early. This is wonderful and can make you happy as you get to see the sun setting, providing beautiful skies. Reds, yellows, radiant glows. It can make the most mundane scene look divine.

Of course it’s not just true of autumn, but also of spring which is exactly when this photograph was taken. On the banks of the Thames – on the Thames Path if you’re unclear of the walking connection – in maritime Greenwich, is a narrow path along the river that runs between the Trafalgar pub and the Cutty Sark boat.

It’s nowhere near wide enough, especially given the number of tourists who use it daily. However despite that, there’s no finer place to admire the Thames. Especially on a beautiful day just as the sun’s beginning to set.

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