Published 12 January 2014

At the top of Vindbelgjarfjall

My trip to Iceland in 2005 must rank as my most favourite holiday ever. It’s a magical country. Amazing scenery, stunning waterfalls, glaciers, sulphur pools the works. Oh and a gravel road where I braked too fast in the hire car, skidded massively and came within inches of crashing into someone else’s car. Hmm, well maybe that last bit wasn’t quite so good.

As you might presume from that last statement, this was a driving based holiday, but we did at least find a hill to walk up. And Vindbelgjarfjall was that hill.

It’s not massive; a mere 524m high by all accounts, but it gave a stunning view of the Lake Mývatn area, which is to the north of the country.

Later in the holiday we went to a whale museum in a town and heard John Craven. Strangely the whale museum was playing a clip of a quite old report from Countryfile. Like I say, it’s a magical country.

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