In a Field of Limestone

Published 19 January 2014

In a field of Limestone

If you have never watched it, I implore you to dig out a DVD of BBC Two comedy, The Trip. It’s a comedy staring Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan who end up on a road trip round the north of England, reviewing restaurants for the Observer magazine.

All so implausible, but lets not let that get in the way of a good comedy. The whole show (which has also been edited down to a film version) is basically an excuse for Coogan and Brydon to play exaggerated versions of their own selves and do impressions and other silly voices, whilst driving round the Lakes and Dales.

But one of my favourite bits comes just outside the wonderful Yorkshire village of Malham, on it’s famous limestone pavement…

Thankfully when I was up there nearly six years ago, there was no one to bore me to death about geology that I already knew, leaving us to walk over it and enjoy the views.

And no, Steve Coogan wasn’t there either.

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