Yachts on the Thames

Published 10 November 2013

Yachts on the Thames near Greenwich

As you may have seen, I published the first bit of my Thames Path series on Thursday. It’s the first section of many as I’m nowhere near finishing this particular trail. Still the bits I’ve done so far, all in London, have been great. Indeed Lonely Planet recently declared the route to be one of the finest urban walks in the world.

Many Londoners perhaps take the river for granted; probably even take their home city for granted at that! But the Thames Path enables you to see it in a different light. If you only ever see the Thames in the centre of London, full of its sightseeing cruises, it would be easy to forget that there’s other, smaller vessels on it.

Vessels like this yachts, at the Greenwich Yacht Club, not far from the O2 Arena.

Of course the Thames is more than just London, and London is much more than just the Thames. But the two sit together so well together that you can’t help but think those people at Lonely Planet were on to something.

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