At the end of the Coast to Coast

Published 11 November 2012

The Bay Hotel. Ending point of the Coast to Coast.

It’s slightly odd walking the Coast to Coast. You feel like you’re in some sort of bubble, isolated from the normal world. You walk across a quiet part of the country, staying in small villages with friendly pubs and B&Bs. The few people you see are all walkers, and because there’s so many people walking the route and so few places to stay, you see the same people day after day.

Then you get to the end, marching down to the sea at Robin Hood’s Bay. Suddenly there’s people everywhere. Happy tourists looking at craft shops; small children excitedly carrying buckets and spades; dogs wagging their tails happily whilst their owners eat fish and chips.

What these people think of the people walking down the main street with rucksacks is anyone’s guess.

Everything seems rather surreal as you approach the sea. Your journey is over. You’ve done it. It’s time to celebrate.

And then you spot the finish; the plaque on the wall that marks the end. It’s only a small plaque. Not much really. But there’s no feeling of disappointed because, frankly, the building that the plaque is attached to more than makes up for it. You quickly rush off to wet your boots, then you head inside. For the end of the Coast to Coast is the Bay Hotel pub. And who cares about monuments, signs and plaques when you can have a pint?



19 January 2017 at 11:40 am

Really enjoyed reading your experience, we are walking in March/April this year to celebrate my 40th and for charity.
I laughed at the humour and will always remind myself, even when in pain to laugh! We are camping most of it, but have a few B & B’s to rest properly and have a little comfort.
I will be reading your other walks too, and may even pick one for next year xx

Sue Marshall

2 June 2017 at 5:45 pm

After years of my friend asking (or indeed begging) me to do the C2C I have finally agreed and we set off next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and hope I can retain my sense of humour for the majority of the time and that my 60 plus legs keep going !
My husband is full of confidence for me but then he walked the C2C 40 years ago with a couple of friends doing 16 miles to a gallon of beer !!!

Steve Gilbert

11 December 2017 at 10:50 pm

Hi Walkers

Planning to walk C2C in 2019 and camping all the way except Robin Hoods Bay where I will treat myself to a B&B or Hotel.
Egton Bridge/Grosmont looks a bit sparse on camp sites except Priory Farm, any suggestions for this area and also a B&B or Hotel at the end?

Great blog!

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