Mighty Glencoe

Published 29 September 2013

The road and River Coe in Glencoe

As I type this, Autumn has arrived with the rain and I’m absolutely full of a cold. The nights are drawing in; the temperatures falling.

I think, all in all, that I need a little cheering up. And this wonderful shot of Glencoe certainly does that.

In some respects, this photograph shows a rather mythical Glencoe. Actually there main road to Fort William is just a little up that track, and behind is a bustling pub (the mighty Clachaig Inn.)

Yet when you’re there, it doesn’t seem to matter at all. Not one bit. Why? Because you look at that scenery – that breathtaking scenery – and you know you’re in a great place. And, indeed, one with an excellent whisky selection nearby too.

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