A Sunday Picture

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Every Sunday at Rambling Man we used to dig in to our photographic archives and excitedly share some of our favourite snapshots of our journeys. That was until 2015 when time constraints put paid to that.

But then in 2020 something happened. And it seemed like a good point to bring it back. Because, why not?

On a Rock

Published 21 September 2014

…on a rock, you’ve got me standing on a rock.

A Most Impressive Cairn

Published 14 September 2014

Probably not the most robust of cairns.

The beauty of Loch Lomond

Published 7 September 2014

The West Highland Way was where I fell in love wit the dramatic scenery of the Scottish highlands. Beautiful lochs, stunning mountains, loads of midges. What is there not to like? Besides the midges.

The best view of water you will ever see

Published 27 July 2014

Someone pass me the inflatable dinghy!

Looking at the sea at Robin Hood’s Bay

Published 20 July 2014

It’s a long way before there’s anything but water.

A bench with a view

Published 13 July 2014

It just implores you to sit down and look.

The Sognefjord in Norway

Published 6 July 2014

You should go.

All hail new boots

Published 29 June 2014

After throwing the last pair in a bin, it was time to go shopping.

Old Perculiar

Published 22 June 2014

Mine’s a pint.

The Amazing Pylon Bush

Published 15 June 2014

It’s a miracle! Or a freak of nature!

The tent by the stream

Published 8 June 2014

Either look at this picture, or find yourself standing in Edale age 47 with a giant rucksack.

Checking my Wainwright

Published 1 June 2014

On the side of Great Dodd.

Celebrating a climb well done

Published 25 May 2014

In which we pointlessly discuss the selfie.

A Room With A View

Published 18 May 2014

Staying in the remote Barrowburn B&B, near the Pennine Way

Sharing the View

Published 11 May 2014

Views are best when they’re shared.

The Last Photograph

Published 4 May 2014

I think the camera’s broken…

Who wouldn’t want to stay here?

Published 27 April 2014

Get your bunk booked for YHA Black Sail now.

The best sign you can see outside a pub when walking

Published 20 April 2014

Pint in the walkers picnic garden?

The Michelin Guide Was Here

Published 6 April 2014

He will not be hurrying back.

Sycamore Gap

Published 30 March 2014

Gap in a wall, with a tree.

Greg’s Hut

Published 23 March 2014

Up on the Pennine Way, near Cross Fell

Avebury Henge

Published 16 March 2014

Got plans for the equinox? Change them.

Be Ye Sure To Shut The Gate

Published 9 March 2014

Poetry on the Coast to Coast.

A Message to Others

Published 2 March 2014

Who are Jen and Tony? Who are Joan, Peter, Christine and Keith, who left the message? And why?

Big Smile

Published 23 February 2014

How to sum up the Pennine Way

A Rather Cold Looking Bench

Published 16 February 2014

It’s funny how your mind plays tricks on you. I always have this thing in my mind that I’ve barely done any walking through lots of snow, only to search through old photographs showing me clearly wandering through snow-filled moorland on the Pennine Way, up Ben Nevis and lots more. Yet despite this, only the […]

In the rain on Esk Pike

Published 9 February 2014

What you get when it’s pouring down and you take your camera out of the case.

It Looks Like A Face

Published 2 February 2014

Is it a brick building, or some sort of cheeky chappy?

Walking down a lane

Published 26 January 2014

The things you remember.

In a Field of Limestone

Published 19 January 2014

Malham’s famous pavement


Published 12 January 2014

On a hill in the magical country of Iceland.

Toot Rock

Published 5 January 2014

It’s a stone. With Toot Rock written on it.

A Boxing Day Photo

Published 26 December 2013

Leave the food and beer, even just for a bit, and get your lungs full!

Jumping the stream

Published 15 December 2013

Reasons to re-walk the Pennine Way

W-mere Five

Published 8 December 2013

Kendal 16.

Dolphin Lamps

Published 1 December 2013

The London street light that looks like a sturgeon.

Tower Bridge at Night

Published 24 November 2013

Fine views don’t just come from hills. You can find them on urban walks too.

Sun setting over the Thames

Published 17 November 2013

There’s no finer place to admire the Thames than a narrow footpath near Greenwich

Yachts on the Thames

Published 10 November 2013

It’s not all sightseeing megaships.