A Sunday Picture

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Every Sunday at Rambling Man we used to dig in to our photographic archives and excitedly share some of our favourite snapshots of our journeys. That was until 2015 when time constraints put paid to that.

But then in 2020 something happened. And it seemed like a good point to bring it back. Because, why not?

Open topped through the Lakes

Published 22 September 2013

Can there be anything finer than an open top bus?

This Tree

Published 15 September 2013

What tree?

The beauty of Stickle Tarn

Published 8 September 2013

It’s lovely up there, when you finally make it.

The Sound of Mull

Published 1 September 2013

It’s quite possible that to most people, this week’s Sunday Picture doesn’t look anything special. But to me it brings all that trip back in abundance. The Scottish Highlands. A fantastic place to be.

The Slate Arch, and the Plants Growing in it.

Published 25 August 2013

Plants growing in the slate of a former quarry.

Ullswater; majestic even in the rain

Published 18 August 2013

The view of a great lake from the sides of Gowbarrow Fell

Dungeon Ghyll? Just follow this road…

Published 11 August 2013

Know thy road sign styles!

The Top of Fairfield

Published 4 August 2013

Fairfield. It’s big. It’s flat. And if that’s not an incentive to visit, I don’t know what is.

The cairn on Nab Scar

Published 28 July 2013

Cairns. They rock.

At the top of Catbells

Published 21 July 2013

A great family fell with a brilliant view.

Harter Fell, seen from Boot

Published 14 July 2013

This particularly lovely view is from a field near the village of Boot in Eskdale.

The Needles

Published 7 July 2013

Perhaps the most famous view the Isle of Wight offers.

The White Cliffs of Freshwater Bay

Published 30 June 2013

The beautiful white cliffs of the Isle of Wight.

The path that was a road

Published 23 June 2013

No right turn on this one

There’s no style for this stile

Published 16 June 2013

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Warming by the fire

Published 9 June 2013

I’ve probably written far too much about pubs on this website, but I love visiting them. After a hard day of walking, it’s lovely to sit down on a bar stool and sup a pint of the landlord’s finest.

At the end of the Glyndŵr’s Way

Published 2 June 2013

135 miles of walking had led you to what?

It were all ‘ills, ‘ills, ‘ills

Published 26 May 2013

The Glyndŵr’s Way in a single photo

A tight squeeze

Published 19 May 2013

Too high, you can’t get over it; too low, you can’t get under it; too wide, you can’t get round it.

High Stile

Published 12 May 2013

If I had a pound for every time I’d featured a stile in A Sunday Picture, well I’d have a pound.

Clywedog Dam

Published 5 May 2013

Yep, there’s something about dams.

A Cool Sign

Published 28 April 2013

This Welsh sign is no crank!

Turn right for sign

Published 21 April 2013

It’s a sign for Sign


Published 14 April 2013

Spring is the season that has all the fantastic colours

Crossing a boundary, London style

Published 7 April 2013

Getting from one side of a boundary to another, London style.

Argh! A Snake! A Scary Snake!

Published 31 March 2013

Don’t worry. This snake is very friendly.

The Point Master

Published 24 March 2013

The Edale Skyline: home of dramatic scenery, dramatic views and dramatic photographs.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my trig point

Published 17 March 2013

Everyone says don’t take a photo looking towards the sun. Everyone is wrong.

Dufton’s Water Fountain

Published 10 March 2013

They broke away from the Women’s Guild, you know?

At the end of the North Downs Way

Published 3 March 2013

Granite, monuments and a nice beach in Dover.


Published 24 February 2013

Some hay.

A Boxing Day Picture

Published 26 December 2012

Some post Christmas photography tips if you have a new camera.

A huddled lunch under a bridge

Published 16 December 2012

When seeking shelter leads to desperate measures.

Lunch with a view

Published 9 December 2012

Hmmm. Tasty.

An Icelandic Walk

Published 2 December 2012

Full of unpronounceable names.

Near Devil’s Dyke

Published 25 November 2012

Enjoying some of the South Downs’s finest views.

At the end of the Limestone Way

Published 18 November 2012

Welcome to Rocester. It has… errr… err… well… yes…

At the end of the Coast to Coast

Published 11 November 2012

Who cares about monuments, signs and plaques when you can have a pint?

At the end of the South Downs Way

Published 4 November 2012

Or is it the start?

At the end of the Cumbria Way

Published 28 October 2012

Spoiler: bin lorry depot