A Sunday Picture

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Every Sunday at Rambling Man we used to dig in to our photographic archives and excitedly share some of our favourite snapshots of our journeys. That was until 2015 when time constraints put paid to that.

But then in 2020 something happened. And it seemed like a good point to bring it back. Because, why not?

At the end of the Pennine Way

Published 7 October 2012

What to expect when you get there.

Look it’s NOT Wurthering Heights. OKAY?

Published 30 September 2012

The surreal point of the Pennine Way

The Amazing Brown and Incomprehensible Sign

Published 23 September 2012

Sorry, but I think there’s not enough brown on this sign.

Toads on the Road

Published 16 September 2012

What might you see on the South Downs Way?

Wear Proper Footwear

Published 9 September 2012

The wrong footwear will make you do acrobatics on a mountain

Eh, What?

Published 2 September 2012

A Sunday Picture returns with a look at some of the great signs you’ll see whilst out walking.

Which way?

Published 5 August 2012

Because this photograph is about the love of walking and the joy of good friends.

It’s not all great views you know

Published 29 July 2012

The Pennine Way. Wild. Featureless. Moorland. And seriously, there’s lots of it.

Sat next to a bridge

Published 15 July 2012

I have little recollection about this photograph taken on the Pennine Way in 2007.

Stood on a Hill

Published 8 July 2012

You simply can’t beat a good bit of ‘standing on a hill action’. And there are some amazing places to stand on a hill and have your photograph taken.

Catherine standing on the summit of Wansfell

Published 1 July 2012

Here’s a useless fact. I have had photo credits in two publications. And one of them was Lakeland Walker magazine.


Published 24 June 2012

I don’t quite know why the Dales Way heads in to the Lake District and why it ends in Windermere, but it does and it ends with this fantastic view.

Winshaw Farm

Published 17 June 2012

Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent. And a farm.

Oughtershaw Moss

Published 10 June 2012

A lot of the Dales Way goes along rivers but every now and then the trail heads out on to moorland, like here on day 3 when I crossed Oughtershaw Moss.

The Wharfe

Published 3 June 2012

This particular photograph was taken near Drebley and was from my first day on the Dales Way, which was mostly spent walking along the River Wharfe.


Published 27 May 2012

Ah, coastal walks. Such fun.

On the beach at Birling Gap

Published 20 May 2012

This photograph was taken at Birling Gap, where there is a beach and some steps down to it. On the grey stone beach you can sit and look at the crumbling chalk cliffs and marvel at it. Then move because a chunk has fallen off.

Flagstaff Point

Published 13 May 2012

But I first walked over the Seven Sisters on a gloomy February day in 2009. It rained. And the coast was still beautiful.


Published 6 May 2012

I wrote recently about my favourite coastal walk being over the Seven Sisters. And this seemed like a good enough reason to spend the whole of May showing you some photographs from that walk here on A Sunday Picture.

Two Men On A Stile

Published 29 April 2012

None of this is very important. It’s just that I don’t have much to say about this photograph.

Smithymire Island

Published 22 April 2012

Where Langstraith Beck and Greenup Gill meet, becoming Stonethwaite Beck (and which later meets the River Derwent.)

At The Summit

Published 15 April 2012

The year is 2006 and I’m in Norway.

Ribblehead Viaduct

Published 8 April 2012

But what a location for a railway/walking related photograph. Do I even need to tell you where it is?

All Aboard

Published 1 April 2012

There’s probably more, but so far I’ve only done one long distance walk which actually crosses, and I mean here, physically crosses, a steam heritage railway.

St Bees

Published 25 March 2012

Okay, okay, I couldn’t resist a few more railway/walking based pictures after last week’s shot of the Caledonian Sleeper seen from the West Highland Way.

Toot toot

Published 18 March 2012

I could probably fill a fair amount of the Sunday Pictures with ones that involve trains. I like trains. I’m not a trainspotter or anything. I just like travelling by train. There can be no finer way to get somewhere than by train. Why put yourself through the stresses and hassles of driving when someone else can do that for you whilst all you need to do is stare happily out of the window and admire the view.

Cove Harbour

Published 11 March 2012

This photograph is of the delightful Cove Harbour, about a mile or so before the end of the Southern Upland Way.

Heading over the hill

Published 4 March 2012

I can remember exactly how many walkers I passed on the Southern Upland Way.

Loch, loch, glorious loch

Published 26 February 2012

As a walker I rather dislike mist and fog for it makes gloomy walking. But as an amateur photographer I love it to bits as you can take moody, atmospheric photographs like this one.

Walking from north to south

Published 19 February 2012

A photograph of a chance encounter.

Brattleburn Bothy

Published 12 February 2012

Today a photo of Brattleburn bothy, about six miles away from the town of Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway and (you guessed it), it’s on the Southern Upland Way.


Published 5 February 2012

Wonderful memories photos doth bring.

A bowl of coins

Published 29 January 2012

A Sunday Picture goes hoard crazy

Loch Dee

Published 22 January 2012

A Sunday Picture is, once more, showing some of the many great photos I took on my Southern Upland Way trip last summer.

Black Loch

Published 15 January 2012

Black Loch is a lake which sits in the stunningly laid out formal gardens of Castle Kennedy, which I visited on my second day of walking on the Southern Upland Way.

A Nice Place to Set Off From

Published 8 January 2012

Tomorrow sees the publication of the first instalment of my series on the Southern Upland Way, and what better way to celebrate than for the Sunday Picture to show you some of the highlights of that walk.

To the Kent Mountains

Published 1 January 2012

Happy New Year then, and if you’re in the South East and thinking of going on a New Years walk, why not go to the mountains? For, as you can see from this photograph, there be Mountains. And they be in Kent!


Published 26 December 2011

So did you have a good Christmas then? What are you doing today then? A boxing day walk? Good!

Looking wistfully at the hills

Published 18 December 2011

December isn’t the best time for walking. Too many Christmas parties to attend, shopping to do. I always seem to spend more time in the pub than outdoors.

Wooden Cross at Souliers

Published 11 December 2011

As it’s December and the weather is not what it was, I thought some blue skies would be nice.